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GEARS stands for "Garrett Engineering And Robotics Society".

GEARS is a Non Profit, volunteer based organization, and our mission is to get young people excited about careers in Science, Technology and Engineering. (Membership Application)

Here's a picture and map of our location.

Garrett Robotics Teams at FIRST World Championship

Several Garrett County Robotics teams (all of whom are supported by GEARS) are heading off to the FIRST World Championship this week.

These teams represent three different levels of FIRST Competition... Read on for more details.

FLL and FTC seasons are peaking.

Here we are in mid November and activity is high with the county's FIRST LEGO League and FIRST Tech Challenge teams.

Both FTC and several FLL teams are meeting to practice at GEARS on a regular basis. FTC teams are trying to figure out how to pickup blocks and get them in raised bins, while FLL teams are solving multiple missions related to Nature's Fury.

To see the FLL teams in action, make sure you come and watch the Garrett County Qualifier event at the Northern High school Gym on Dec 14th (morning to afternoon)

NeXT GEN wins FLL Global Innovation award with Gramma-Jamma

The Garrett Engineering and Robotics Society, (GEARS) Inc. would like to congratulate FIRST LEGO League Team NeXTGEN on winning the 2013 FLL Global Innovation Award.

This award recognizes a group of young inventors who have applied outstanding innovation and creativity in solving a particular problem.

NeXT GEN invented the “Gramma-Jamma” which is a new type of “Gripper” designed for seniors with poor hand/eye coordination due to issues such as poor eyesight or hand tremors.

Gramma-Jamma is a finalist in FLL Global Innovation challenge.

FIRST LEGO League (FLL) team "NeXTGEN" was blow away to learn that their Gramma-Jamma assistive device was chosen as one of only three finalists in the FLL Global Innovation challenge.

G-FORCE FTC Team wins top two awards at MD State

This weekend was a red-letter day for FTC team 2818, G-FORCE.

G-FORCE and their sister team (The 4-H Techno Clovers) competed at the MD State FTC Championship this Saturday, and got to fight to the finish.

G-FORCE was the captain of the 3rd seeded alliance, and the Techno's were chosen by the 1st seeded alliance. G-FORCE won an upset against the #2 alliance, and then played the #1 alliance in the finals round.

Both teams fought hard and played some of the most exciting matches of the day, but in the end the G-FORCE alliance won out.

Robot teams in full swing

It's been quiet here at GEARS Inc. org... not because nothing is going on, it's just been too busy lately.

To recap.

3, or maybe even 4 Garrett County FIRST LEGO League teams will be competing at the MD State Competition on Jan 19th...

Two Garrett County FIRST Tech Challenge teams will go to their first MD Qualifier at Annapolis on Jan 12.. go Techno Force.

Project Phenix and Project Kraken MATE ROV teams are getting to know the missions for the 2013 ROV Competition

FIRST Teams head to St. Louis and Washington DC

Three Garrett County FIRST teams qualified to compete at the World Championship this year, but only two of them are heading west. Read on for more details.

GEARS Awarded "SuGO Outreach Project" Grant.

Press Release: GEARS Inc. receives Naylor grant for its SuGO Outreach Project.

Thanks to a generous gift from the Naylor Family Trust Fund, awarded through the Community Trust Foundation, the Garrett Engineering And Robotics Society (GEARS) will be making it possible for more Garrett County MD youth to participate in exciting AND educational Robotics activities.

SuGO Sunday update.

July SuGO was a blast this Sunday. Since it's 4th July weekend, we had LOTs of out-of-town visitors at SuGO.
This meant that our helpers were taxed to the limit making sure everyone had a fully tested robot ready to compete by 3:00.

In the end we had 10 super teams all fielding cool, and unique SuGO bots.
The ultimate champion was Team 4: M.A.S.K 4, with Team 11: Mountain Lions as the Runner Up.

I've uploaded pictures and video from the event to the SuGO Facebook page